Mephiles The Dark

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Mephiles The Dark

Post by Mephiles on Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:43 pm

Mephiles The Exiled Hedgehog

???Mephiles is not an actual being???


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He's a shadow, he is able to take the form of anything he touchs....but his main body in the Xbox 360 game turned into a hedgehog


Mephiles has three forms; the first and original was a dark, blackish-purple formless ooze or gas with some gaseous qualities. In his second form, Mephiles appears almost identical to Shadow the Hedgehog, aside from having green eyes, no visible mouth, and the fact that everything that is red on Shadow is gray on him. His third form (and his preferred one when he uses his abilities) was a crystalline, anthropomorphic hedgehog form resembling the appearance of other hedgehogs in the Sonic series, such as Sonic himself; in this form, he has no visible nose, mouth, or feet. His name was based on the one of the names of Mephistopheles related to the legend of Faust.

Special Characteristics:
He is able to change from Solid to gas at any point in time

Chaos Control, Transform, and Mind Takeover(he controls someone very weak for a certain amount of time)

History/Background Story:
Mephiles was created during the Solaris Project related to the Duke of Soleanna. He was actually an extension of Iblis himself, his conscious part. He was sealed in the "Scepter of Darkness" by Shadow the Hedgehog, who had traveled through time to ten years before the events of the game. In the present, Dr. Eggman accidentally releases him while trying to steal the scepter from Shadow and Rouge, and runs away scared, not even bothering to send his robots to attack him. Mephiles then transformed into his Shadow form, and sends Shadow and Rouge into the future after he realizes that Shadow doesn't know who he is. He seeks to get the Chaos Emeralds and bring pain and despair to Princess Elise, with the goals of making her cry, therefore releasing the "Flames of Disaster" (a.k.a. Iblis) and then fuse with him, becoming Solaris.

To accomplish this, he tells Silver the Hedgehog and Blaze the Cat that Sonic the Hedgehog was the cause of Iblis being released, which led to the destruction of their world. Sonic was, thus, referred to as the "Iblis Trigger". He sends the two back in time, making them believe that killing Sonic would save the future.

Along the way, as all three storylines progress, the three main characters discover how Mephiles was somehow involved in the incident which created the "Flames of Disaster", wielded by Princess Elise. Mephiles has a very pivotal role in all of the storylines, throughout the course of the game. He has the most direct role in Shadow's Story, where Mephiles is shown to hold a particular hate for Shadow since it was he who sealed him in the Scepter of Darkness. He also has a major role in Silver's Story, as he manipulates Silver and Blaze into attempting to kill Sonic so that he can finally fuse with Iblis. He has a very minor role in Sonic's Story, where he is only seen when Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails are eavesdropping on his conversation with Silver and Blaze that ends with them time-traveling back to present-day Soleanna. Mephiles attempts to break Shadow's will to fight and join him, much like Black Doom had, by revealing that in the current future, the world, and an unwilling Omega, would turn against Shadow and imprison him in suspended animation (Mephiles keeps his hatred for Shadow a secret), attempting to get Shadow to join him, saying they would both get revenge on the world. However, Shadow proved immune to Mephiles' tactics, saying that he would determine his own destiny, leading to a battle between the two of them. Though Shadow takes the upper-hand, Mephiles knocks him into a wall with an energy blast and incapacitates him when he lowers his guard, but Omega intervenes and drives Mephiles off. Later, Omega meets Mephiles again, who reveals to Omega that he was one that would imprison Shadow in the future, leading to the robot shooting him up with two miniguns. As Shadow (along with Silver after Shadow foiled his second assassination attempt on Sonic) had traveled back into the past at that point, he learned of Mephiles' true nature (and Silver learned that Mephiles had lied about Sonic being the Iblis Trigger). He, along with Omega and Rouge, later meet him again. Again, Mephiles offers Shadow a chance to join him, but Shadow, knowing Mephiles' true intentions, flat-out refused the offer. Mephiles is fought again (he's the final boss in Shadow's story), and loses. After his seeming defeat, however, Mephies proves immune to being imprisoned in a new Scepter of Darkness that Shadow tried to use on him, saying that it wouldn't work on him anymore (he implies that the reason he was immune was due to his time traveling to ten years ago, due to his line of "The "I" of now absorbed your powers through your shadow in the past."). Mephiles then uses two Chaos Emeralds to create an army of clones of himself. He then boasts to Shadow that he can't defeat him, and asks why he is even bothering to protect a world that will eventually turn against him. Shadow responds by saying, "If the whole world decides to become my enemy, then I will fight like I always have", and then, mirroring a similar ability from the Sonic Adventure 2 adaption of Sonic X, takes off his bracelets and easily defeats the entire army.

In the Last Story, Mephiles, having either escaped or simply survived the fight with Shadow, finds the purple Chaos Emerald, uses it to warp to Sonic and Elise's location shortly after they escape Eggman's exploding Egg Carrier, blinds them with the Emerald's powers, and impales Sonic through the back with an energy beam, killing him instantly. Elise cries over his death and, as a result, releases Iblis, allowing Mephiles to fuse with him and transform into Solaris. It is also revealed in the Last Story that his lie to Silver and Blaze about Sonic being the Iblis Trigger was actually a half-truth: Sonic is indeed the Iblis Trigger, but his death would not stop Iblis's resurrection; in fact, his death would be the very event that would release Iblis from Elise's soul. The key to Iblis's freedom was an event that would cause Elise to become so consumed with despair that she would cry, and she had formed a very close (possibly even romantic) bond with Sonic.

Due to Sonic and Elise's actions in the past, Mephiles never existed.
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Re: Mephiles The Dark

Post by Sonic on Tue Jan 27, 2009 11:22 am

Please explain the "Transform" technique. Can he transform into anything or just living species?

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