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My Character

Post by Tulip_13 on Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:48 pm

Name: Brianna the Rabbit

Age: 13

Looks: Brianna is a tan rabbit with black bangs. She usually wears a green dress with green flats. However, the older she gets, the more her style changes.

Gender: Female

Species: Rabbit

Planet: Earth(Formerly Kandracar-her home planet)

Personality: Brianna is very kind. She isn't very outgoing, because she is shy. She has a crush on Sonic and Knuckles, but is afraid of being rejected. She likes to help others in need, and gives people too many chances. She wants to be Shadow's friend, and offers him many gifts.

Special Characteristics: She generates energy and life.

Skills/Specialties: Magic and light

History/Background Story: Brianna's home planet was in mass destruction. Her family had no choice but to send her to Sonic's unknown dimension to keep her safe. There, she made friends with Sonic, Tails, Cream, Amy, Knuckles, possibly Rouge, and possibly Shadow. She is an adoptive sister of, Shyann the hedgehog and Kairin the cat. She usually shyly says, "Hi" whenever she meets someone new. She likes to read.

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