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Post by Giratina43 on Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:00 am

Name: Apollo

Age: 12

Looks: Yellow fur with white stripes, blue shoes, and orange gloves

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Planet: Mobius

Personality: Wild and happy, loves to make friends, depending on the situation, runs away from a fight or sticks around and bashes some skulls, very generous, gets distracted easily, and LOVES shiny things.

Special Characteristics: Teleportation

Skills/Specialties: Chaos Control

History/Background Story: His parents were killed when he was 6, so he had to live by himself for the rest of his life, and making the money by helping other people out, until he had his 12th birthday, everything was going the same way. When he turned 12, he began to learn how to fight, so he decided to go help Sonic and his team fight Robotnik.

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