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Rainbow The Hedgehog-S

Post by Rainbow The Hedgehog on Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:28 pm



Looks: https://2img.net/h/i703.photobucket.com/albums/ww37/GSPro77/rainbowpixart.png?t=1293721426



Planet: Mobius

Personality: Rainbow is adventurous and enjoys helping people and his friends, but he has a mysterious side and has secrets that he claims no one should know. He is not impressed easily and is a little cocky.

Special Characteristics: Super speed, Teleport, Psychokinesis, Mystic Control

Rainbow Spear: Launches a multicoloured spear made of energy
Psychic Blast: Creates a blast of psychic energy
Rainbow Typhoon: Creates a multicoloured typhoon and sucks up the enemy making them very dizzy and vulnerable
Homing Attack: Jumps into the air and homes onto his enemy and shoots at them while in a spinball
Mystic Control: Rainbow uses the Mystic Rings which he collects to slow down time to the very point of everything moving slower than the effect of chaos control

History/Background Story: Rainbow was born at Stardust Speedway and at the age of 7 moved to Planet Wisp to train with wisps to learn about their power. While there he met a blue fox named Snipe and later became best friends with him. Returning to Mobius with Snipe they built a ship together known as the Valliant. They soon met an evil hedgehog named Ace who had robots called Elite Bots with special transforming powers. After defeating Ace and a lot of Elite Bots he fled and claimed he would meet them again. Since then he has stopped ace many times in past, future and present. He now travels with Snipe and an individual group of freedom fighters stopping evil.
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