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My Character

Post by mky7 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:51 pm

Name:Lead The Echidfox
Looks:Black Echidna With Spiked Shoes,Spiked Gloves,And 3 Red Fox Tails
Planet:N/A(Space Colony ARK)
Personality:Cocky,Brave,Angry(When Rage Lead)
Special Characteristics:Rage Lead(Super Form),High IQ,Flight,Can Turn Into A Giant Lead Ball,Can Breath Underwater And Space
History:When Professor Gerald Finished Creating Project Shadow,He Decided To Create Another One Using The Element Of Lead,Resulting In Him Being Able To Become Lead At Will.Then One Day He Accidentaly Hit Maria When Fighting Shadow,Enraging Him And Threw Him In Space Witch Made Lead Want Revenge,So For Years He Killed Many Humans Until Sonic The Hedgehog Came To Earth,When He Went back To Mobious He Followed Him And Met Blaze The Cat Who He Fell In Love With And Cleared His Anger.Since Then He Has Secretly Helping Sonic And His Freinds And Dating Blaze.

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